A Villain's Love

...Because Villains need love too...

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Are you tired of the hero always getting the girl? Then you've come to the right spot. Who says that a villain can't love? We certainly don't!

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There aren't many so please follow them:

1) Your claim must contain a villain.
2) Threesomes are welcome but make sure you refer to rule number 1.
3) Make sure your fan art or fan fic is put behind a fake cut or lj-cut. I will email you and ask you to. If that doesn't work, the post will be deleted.
4) You can have up to two claims but they must be from different fandoms.

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+() means or+

1) Lust
2) Mine
3) Forever
4) Breeze
5) Dark
6) Kiss
7) Follow
8) hostile
9) Anger
10) Cry (tears)
11) shelter
12) you and me
13) lost (found)
14) love
15) trials

Alternate List:

1) hurt (pain)
2) time
3) silence
4) flower
5) touch
6) shot through the heart
7) envy
8) after
9) fire
10) passion
11) a simple mix up
12) thoughts (thinking)
13) yours, mine, and ours
14) Eyes on me
15) Gentle

*Please note that you are allowed to mix up the two lists or write for both lists.

Make your claims here.

If for some reason you cannot complete your claim post here

Post completed claims here

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Post them here

A few things to remember:

Plagerism of any kind will not be tolerated.
All ratings are accepted but make sure you put a warning in your post.
There is no deadline, finish your claims when you can.

Please be sure to use this format when posting your fic/art:

Theme #:

And for the subject line post: Title, pairing, theme number.

That should do. So join up and have fun. Happy ficcing.

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