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Captain Jazz [userpic]
A Vampire's Prayers (Pseudo Dracula/Van Helsing, #3 Alt - Silence)
by Captain Jazz (leviathana)
at October 10th, 2006 (10:50 am)

Title: A Vampire's Prayers
Author/Artist: leviathana
Fandom: Van Helsing
Pairing: Sort of, not really Dracula/Van Helsing. If there had to be a pairing, that's it.
Rating: G, tamer than tame.
Theme #: 3 - Silence
Disclaimer: Van Helsing and its characters belong to Stephen Sommers, who actually stole most of them from other movies/books anyway. Dracula and Van Helsing originally belong to Bram Stoker. And please excuse the cheesey title; I'm so new at this, it's scary.

The vampire had not been inside a cathedral in years, indeed centuries. He had no desire, no need to return to any place of worship, especially one so ornate as this; though the stained glass windows were darkened by the heavy winter midnight surrounding the massive structure, there was still an immense beauty to the church, a beauty he had forgotten.

In the imposing silence, candles flickered on the alter and in every corner, illuminating the shadowed space with a falsely warm glow. Though he stood beside a row of small prayer candles that had been burning so long they had been reduced to nothing but waxy puddles, his long, cold fingers hovering dangerously close to the flames, he could feel no warmth. He only felt the thick silence, the kind one can only experience in a grand cathedral at midnight.

Gentle footsteps came up quickly from behind, disturbing the ancient vampire’s reverie.

"I didn’t think people like you could come into a church," Gabriel Van Helsing said, his voice sounding characteristically strong but farther away than it should have.

Dracula did not turn to face him, but found it necessary to reply; he had realized that ignoring Gabriel was not an option… and it never had been. Instead he lifted his gaze towards the large crucifix hanging above the alter and spoke softly, "People like you know nothing about people like me." Then he allowed himself to glance at his companion with a tired and humorless smirk. "Just because something is deemed holy and therefore everything I am not, this does not mean that I am forbidden from gracing it with my presence," he concluded, his forefinger and thumb extinguishing one of the many prayer candles at his side.

Van Helsing frowned; the very fact that Dracula could walk into a cathedral unharmed felt so wrong in his mind. The vampire’s very expression was a blasphemy of all things Gabriel knew to be right and true, and yet Dracula’s lips continued to curl into a frigid smile made even more sinister by the sacred silence radiating around his last words and actions.

"That would certainly explain some things," Gabriel continued, "but that does not give a demon like you any right to stand before God… Why are you laughing?"

And indeed the vampire shook his head slowly with inaudible laughter. "What are you going to do, Gabriel? Throw me out? Fight me here, in front of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?" Van Helsing’s brow furrowed in frustration; he had not planned to extricate his prey by force – he would not allow battle of any sort to be waged on holy ground. Dracula’s spidery, white hand found Van Helsing’s shoulder and squeezed gently. "I will say this, however. I have no intention of leaving any time soon, so why don’t you leave me as you found me, in as much peace as I am allowed? Farewell, Gabriel," and his hollow gaze found the holy cross once more, forgetting his hunter’s plight.

After some time, he heard Van Helsing’s footsteps echo back in the direction from which they came, and the dull sound of tall, wooden doors closing behind a lost cause.

All that was left then was the cold stone and an empty silence and a vampire’s prayers, as yet another flame died.


Posted by: Penny Dreadful (otaku_hobbit27)
Posted at: October 12th, 2006 12:16 am (UTC)

For being so new at this, it was SO good! I love Dracula in that movie(love the movie also), and you got him very in character ♥. So happy that you chose it =D

Good work! ^^

Posted by: Captain Jazz (leviathana)
Posted at: October 12th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)

Wow, thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you appreciated it enough to comment.
Your claim is very nice, too. Good luck and have fun with the Death Eaters!

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