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Stealing Intentions (Akabane/Gini, Theme #1; Lust)
by Nan rhymes with Can! (nanthimus)
at October 10th, 2006 (02:26 am)

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Title: Stealing Intentions
Author: nanthimus
Fandom: GetBackers
Pairing: Akabane/Amano Ginji
Rating: Hard R
Theme #: 1; Lust
Notes: It's been a while since I've written smut, plus this is a new fandom. Uhm...yeah. *hides*
Disclaimer: Not mine, not make money, please to be not suing.

Ginji awoke slowly, a moan coming from his throat. He immediately started rubbing his head as he tried to remember what happened.

“Owww,” he whine, head aching. He sat up painfully and looked around. He was in a small, grungy room with minimal furniture and littered with garbage. There was one window on the wall opposite him, but it was so grimy that just a small stream of sunlight filtered in.

Ginji stood and wobbled, collapsing back to the floor. He bowed his head and rubbed his temples frantically. What’s wrong with me? he thought, eyes wide as he stared at nothing. Where are my powers?!

“My apologies,” a pleasant, but cold, voice said and Ginji looked up with trepidation.

“Akabane?!” he said and the word was little more than a high pitched exhalation of air. “Where’s Ban-chan?! What are you doing here?! Where did those guys go?!”

“The people you’re trying to get used an odd device on you, Ginji-kun,” Akabane said, standing in the center of the room. “It short-circuited your electrical abilities.” He smiled as if remembering something beautiful. “You were in a great deal of pain.”

Ginji blinked and winced, not able to decide whether he should flee away from the psychopath or if it would be better to not provoke him. “And…you?” And Ban-chan?

“It seems I’ve rescued you again,” Akabane said, smile widening.

“They…you didn’t,” Ginji said, eyes widening. “Tell me you didn’t.”

“Didn’t want?” Akabane asked.

“Don’t act innocent!” Ginji said, slamming a fist to the ground and ignoring the ache in his head. “Tell me you didn’t kill them!”

Akabane shook his head, dark hair ghosting over his face under his wide-brimmed hat. “I would tell you that but I don’t enjoy lying to you.” He smirked. “Unless it’s absolutely necessary, of course.”

Ginji gritted his teeth, hands clasping into fists. “Damn it!” he yelled, drawing up and launching himself at Akabane. Akabane easily caught his fist with one hand and looped his other arm around Ginji’s back and held on. This left them in what looked like the first step to a demented dance.

Ginji slammed against Akabane, the attempted attack leaving him winded. What’s wrong with my head? he thought and groaned. “Just once…couldn’t you have just let them live?!”

“Ginji-kun,” Akabane said, “I told you a long time ago that a job is a success only if I enjoy it. I enjoyed killing them. Although I must admit, I had other reasons.” He tightened his grip on Ginji. “While they used that device to block your powers, they nearly killed you.” He bowed his head closer to Ginji’s. “They do not deserve the pleasure of taking your life.”

Ginji froze and swallowed noisily. “Th-that honor is meant to be yours?” he asked, voice high-pitched. Ban-chan, where are you?! he wailed in his mind.

Akabane chuckled. “I enjoy our battles and would enjoy beating you,” he said. “But you’re much more entertaining alive, Ginji-kun.”

“Uhm…thanks?” Ginji said, not sure if what Akabane said was good or bad. Still, it was keeping the psychopath from killing him, and that really was good. Ginji pulled away from Akabane; or at least, he attempted to. The long thin arms tightened around him and Ginji looked up at Akabane.

“A-Akabane?” he asked, suddenly afraid. Again.

“I saved you, Ginji-kun,” Akabane said, that eerie grin on his face. “I have done it before, but this time I would like something in return.”

“A-ah,” Ginji stuttered. “Well, I don’t have any money but when I get back to Ban-chan and th-”

“I don’t want money,” Akabane interrupted and Ginji blinked.

“I don’t…ah! I could get you a voucher for the Honky Tonk!” Ginji said, nodding and hoping Akabane would like that. “Paul makes really good coffee and there are some nice cakes and pies there.” Though it was hard to imagine Akabane eating anything sweet. In fact, imagining Akabane doing anything as human as eating was hard. Ginji jumped when Akabane started laughing.

“No, I don’t want coffee,” Akabane said, bowing his head low and smiling, the hand on Ginji’s back stroking ever so slightly. “You’re a remarkable creature, Ginji-kun. I find myself fascinated by you.”

Ginji thought about that and Akabane’s hand that was slowly but surely sliding down his back. “Wait…what? Akabane!” Ginji squeaked, wriggling to get away but freezing when Akabane moaned slightly in appreciation. “A-a-a-akabane, I’m really flattered and well, a little weirded out and all because you like killing people and stuff but really I’m not interested in you like that, I’m sorry and please don’t kill me now,” Ginji babbled, looking up at him.

Akabane smiled, eyes narrowing. “I’m please that you would let me down so nicely,” he murmured, lowering his head. Ginji realized what he was doing before he could do anything to stop it.

The kiss was forceful and near violent, but at the same time oddly sensual and Ginji whimpered against Akabane’s lips, hands pressing against Akabane’s shoulders. He could feel his legs wobbling, both from the head injury and this new, frightening turn of events. Akabane flicked his tongue out and tasted Ginji’s lips and Ginji moaned despite himself. He flushed and Akabane pulled away. Ginji would have been annoyed to see that smile still on Akabane’s lips, but he was too busy trying to sort out his thoughts. Oh God, oh no, what’s going on and what am I doing and why am I enjoying it?! Ban-chan where are you?! Ginji wailed in his head, looking up at Akabane, hazel eyes wide.

“If you had your powers, would I still be able to do this?”Akabane asked but didn’t wait for Ginji’s answer. He lowered his head and kissed Ginji once, twice, before parting his lips over the blonde’s, tongue prying, trying to gain interest.

Ginji gasped, feeling the wet heat on his mouth. He felt Akabane smile against his lips before thrusting his tongue into Ginji’s mouth, immediately stroking it against Ginji’s before exploring his mouth intently.

Ginji gripped Akabane’s coat, head tipped back from the force of the kiss. He could feel Akabane’s hand move from his back to his front, but somehow, that just didn’t seem nearly as important as memorizing Akabane’s taste and the butterflies in his stomach. When he felt the button of his shorts snap and a tug and his fly, Ginji woke up from his daze. He turned his head abruptly, breaking the kiss.

“S-stop, Akabane!” he said, “or I’ll-”

“Shhh,” Akabane breathed across Ginji’s cheek, hand slipping into his shorts. ‘There’s nothing you can do, Ginji-kun,” he said, cupping Ginji‘s cock. Ginji whimpered, eyes scrunching up and Akabane’s lips quirked upwards. “I’m not hurting you, am I?” he said, squeezing ever so slightly.

“Ginji shook his head. “N-no…” he said, opening his eyes and staring straight into Akabane’s. “B-but you’re my enemy!”

Akabane chuckled and started stroking Ginji’s cock, thump pressing hard in the spongy head. “Not all the time,” he whispered, and nipped Ginji’s ear. “Certainly, I’m not your enemy now, am I?” he asked, smiling at Ginji’s whimper at the tiny sting. “Would your enemy give you such pleasure?”

“I-I guess not,” Ginji said and Akabane kissed him again, coaxing his tongue out and sucking on it, muffling Ginji’s moans as Akabane started stroking faster, grip becoming almost painfully tight. Ginji came to the realization that the butterflies in his stomach weren’t caused by nervousness but by being utterly, painfully turned on. He moaned against Akabane’s mouth, and felt Akabane deepen the kiss. They were so close that Ginji could feel Akabane’s eyelashes stroke his cheek.

Breaking the kiss, Ginji threw back his head and mouthed Akabane‘s name, arching into the man as he came. His fingers gripped the heavy folds of Akabane’s coat and, if it were made of lesser fabric, would have torn it. Akabane watched his face avidly as he milked Ginji’s cock, listening intently to the boy’s cries.

Slumping heavily against Akabane, Ginji whimpered, his legs shaky as he tried to stay upright. Oh, oh God, he thought weakly, gasping for breath. What did I just do?

“Come, Ginji-kun,” Akabane said, curling one arm possessively over Ginji’s shoulders. “Rest for a moment.” A smirk grew on his face. “I must say, this job is proving to be quite entertaining.”

Ban-chan! Ginji shoved away from Akabane. “I…I’ve got to get going!” he said, leaning heavily against the wall, head aching. “I’ve got to help Ban-chan!” The smile on Akabane’s face didn’t change, but his eyes narrowed.

“Ginji-kun, you should stay here. Without your powers, you would be more of a liability than a help,” he said, tipping his hat down. “I‘m sure your partner is doing fine on his own. He would want you to rest from your injury.” He smirked. “And your activities.”

Ginji flushed but nodded. “You’re right. But!” Ginji pointed at him. “You can’t go fight against him! If I’m staying here, than you are too!”

Akabane raised his head and looked at him. “Fine. Those people are little more than amateurs; I have no use in working for them. Besides,” he added, smirking, “I’ve already received what I was after for this job.”

Ginji flushed scarlet at that and didn’t say anything. He, he planned this?! he thought, but he was beginning to feel sleep tug on his consciousness and so didn’t try to figure out why. “Akabane…”

“Sleep, Ginji-kun,” Akabane quietly ordered.

“Don’t try anything while I’m asleep,” Ginji said, trying to make it an order. Unfortunately, it sounded like nothing more than a sleepy, rather pleading request and Akabane laughed.

“Of course, Ginji-kun,” he said but it didn’t sound sincere in the slightest. Ginji nodded and rested his head against his chest. Within moments, he was asleep, snoring quietly.

Akabane looked down at Ginji’s slumped form, eyes calculative, before smiling. He licked one of his fingers and tasted Ginji along with the rubber of his glove. Hmm. Who would have thought lightening would be so addictive. He already wanted more of it. Of Ginji.

He would get it.



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Posted by: Nan rhymes with Can! (nanthimus)
Posted at: October 10th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)

YAY! Thank you! I'm afraid I made Akabane say Ginji-kun too much. BUT OH WELL. >D

But uhm. Where they in character okay? *nervous*

Posted by: nosce te ipsum (mightymaeve)
Posted at: June 9th, 2008 08:06 pm (UTC)
Defintely IN Character!

Bravo! I enjoyed that quickie. MY OTP: Akabane/Ginji! Thanks for sharing.

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