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Nothing But a Child (Hook/Wendy sort of, 6- Kiss)
by Captain Jazz (leviathana)
at October 12th, 2006 (09:58 pm)
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Title: Nothing But a Child
Author/Artist: leviathana
Fandom: Peter Pan
Pairing: Hook/Wendy, Wendy/Pan… sort of. Nothing explicit. Not really.
Rating: PG-13/R for violence against children, non-graphic pedophilia, etc. To be safe.
Theme #: 6 - Kiss
Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own Captain Hook, nor any of J. M. Barrie’s creations. I felt like I did this past summer, but so close yet so far. FYI: I’ve changed some events around… that’s why its called "fan fiction," I suppose.

He had her by the throat in an instant, her head violently hitting the mast she was tied to. As the fingers of his left hand pressed into the soft flesh of her neck, the iron claw rose beside it, the lethal blade barely scraping her delicate jaw. "A thimble?" Captain James Hook inquired with a harsh bark of laughter, the frigid blue pools of his eyes growing darker, bloodier as he stared at her.

Wendy Darling stared back even though she was afraid. Why, oh why hadn’t she realized the evil this man was capable of only a few hours ago when he had beckoned her so enticingly into his warm cabin? And now it was too late; Peter had lost his happy thought and there was nothing Wendy could do to save the boy now. Not even a kiss of true love, as true as a young girl can possibly be, could stop the sorrow Hook had placed within Pan with his wicked words. Why hadn’t she trusted her instincts that this man was a villain, why didn’t she listen to Peter? And with as much courage and hatred she could muster, Wendy spat in the pirate captain’s face.

Hook’s eyes widened and lip twisted upward in a vicious sneer, and with one lightening quick movement he carved a deep gash down Wendy’s cheekbone to her chin, his claw glinting malevolently in the sun’s dying rays. He reached inside his velvet coat’s breast pocket for a silk handkerchief and wiped the girl’s spit from his face, and brought his lips to Wendy’s ear. "Don’t lie to me, child," he hissed icily.

Wendy could no longer bring herself to look at the man who had once offered her so much more than the Lost Boys ever did. Instead she let herself look at the crumpled and seemingly lifeless body only just a few feet away, and almost had to remind herself that the gray-skinned boy laying there was Peter Pan. His face was turned away, perhaps for the better. And it was then that the Lost Boys and Wendy’s own brothers, Michael and John, finally understood… they had lost, and this was no fairy tale.

This was a nightmare.

Hook’s finger tracing her freely bleeding wound brought her attention back to more pressing matters. He felt the blood between his fingers like liquid satin, and his eyes cooled, turning a brilliant blue once more. "You think a simple kiss will revive your dear, beloved Pan?" His voice was thick and low, so as that no one else could hear. Hook brought his bloodied fingertips to his pleasantly curled lips and luxuriously licked them clean, and with a whisper of a laugh, said, "I must have forgotten you were just a little girl. Silly me."

Before Wendy could reply or even begin to wish harm upon this villain, Hook’s mouth was upon hers, hot and wet. She tried to scream, to fight but he pressed his weight against her, pinning her to the splintering mast. He forced her mouth open, and almost at once Wendy could taste her own blood still lingering on his smooth tongue. Wendy had never before experienced this sort of treachery at the hands of a grown man, but she knew it was utterly wrong what he was doing to her, and when he pulled away, his teeth grazing her bottom lip just slightly, Wendy felt as if she was totally and completely lost, at the mercy of James Hook.

The pirate stood, magnificent in the red glow of the setting sun, and addressed Wendy, louder this time so everyone on deck, boys and pirates alike, could hear. "Kisses hold no magic, no special powers, and no matter how hard you try, my dear, you are still nothing but a child." He threw his wrinkled silk handkerchief disdainfully at the girl’s feet, and gazed out to sea as if distracted and continued, "Throw her over board. Kill the rest."


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Posted by: Captain Jazz (leviathana)
Posted at: October 13th, 2006 02:59 am (UTC)

Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment.

Posted by: dancing_salome (dancing_salome)
Posted at: October 20th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)

Very nice. Perhaps you could consider posting at the_nether_land? It could use some new blood, and this fit right in.

Posted by: Captain Jazz (leviathana)
Posted at: October 20th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
Hook 2

Haha, I belong there, actually. So, sure!
Thanks. And love the icon.

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